Top 50 Psychiatry Blogs

Few can argue that Freud and Jung did not make their marks in psychiatric history. But, today, psychiatry is taking a turn toward more sophisticated — and often controversial — methods for diagnosis and treatment, especially in neuroscience. Still, as you’ll see from our list of top 50 psychiatry blogs, traditional methods are as strong today as they were in the twentieth century. The following blogs encompass traditional as well as modern methods, and include blogs that focus on psychiatric nursing as well as blogs that are skeptical about various components to psychiatry, including psychiatric drugs.

PsychiatryTopical Psychiatry

  1. Alan Gelenberg’s Blog: Dr. Gelenberg is publisher of Biological Therapies in Psychiatry Newsletter and currently the Interim Chair of Psychiatry at the Penn State Hershey Medical College.
  2. All in the Mind: Natasha Mitchell is an Australian science/health journalist, radio host and producer. She presents a weekly program called All in the Mind.
  3. Ars Psychiatrica: “Novalis” is the online pen name of Neil Scheurich, MD, “blogging psychiatrist extraordinaire” in NC.
  4. Dr. Jeff’s and Dr. Tanya’s Blog: This psychiatry weblog offers psychiatric news and commentary about brain disorders, mental dysfunction, psychological illness, and mental health wellness.
  5. Dr. Mark Goulston: Mark Goulston, M.D. is a business advisor, consultant, trainer and coach trained as a clinical psychiatrist who honed his skills as an FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer who increases people’s ability to get through to anyone.
  6. Niall McLaren’s Psychiatry Blog: Niall McLaren is a psychiatrist in Darwin, Australia with an interest in applying the philosophy of science to psychiatry with the goal of bringing psychiatry into science’s mainstream.
  7. Practice what I preach: Dr. Barker graduated in Medicine in the UK, and has since specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry in Australia.
  8. Psychiatric Drugs: This site doles out news and insights about psychiatric drugs simply for informational purposes.
  9. Shrink Rap: A blog by psychiatrists for psychiatrists. “A place to talk; no one has to listen.”
  10. shrinqueRap’s Blog: NYC psychiatrist Edward W. Darell’s thoughts on achieving mental health and an enhanced quality of life.
  11. The Amazing World of Psychiatry: A Psychiatry Blog: This blog is a celebration of psychiatry and the benefits it brings to people and society.
  12. The Antipsychiatry Blog of Harold Mandel, MD: This blog is dedicated to exposing and helping to wipe out mental health care human rights abuses.
  13. The Last Psychiatrist: A blog about piracy, mercantilism and “fourth generation warfare.”
  14. The Psychiatrist Blog: Dr Michelle Tempest is a psychiatrist and editor of The Future of the NHS. She talks about psychiatry and politics.
  15. The Psychiatry Blog: John Deri, MD, is located in Mill Valley, CA, and has interests in human suffering, the treatment of addictions, and in sport psychiatry.


  1. Brains on Purpose: This blog focuses on neuroscience and conflict resolution. Written by Stephanie West Allen, JD in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz.
  2. [citation needed] Tal Yarkoni is a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  3. CorePsych Blog: Dr. Parker is a writer, speaker, neuroscientist and psychiatric consultant with a current focus on ADHD.
  4. Dharmendra S Modha’s Cognitive Computing Blog: Dr. Modha is manager of Cognitive Computing at IBM Almaden Research Center.
  5. Dr. Shock, MD, PHD: This is the personal blog of a Dutch psychiatrist working in a university hospital. His psychiatric specialty is the treatment of depression.
  6. Mind Hacks: Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain, supporting the book by the same name.
  7. Neuron Culture: David Dobbs writes on science, medicine and nature and is working on his fourth book, The Orchid and the Dandelion.
  8. Neuropathology Blog: Dr. Moore, neuropathologist at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL, discusses issues pertaining to the practice of neuropathology.
  9. Nou Stuff: An aspiring cognitive neuroscientist and psychology graduate with a passion for science, Art, videogames, anime, brit culture and technology writes this blog.
  10. The Frontal Cortex: Jonah Lehrer is a contributing editor at Wired and the author of How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist.
  11. The Neurocritic: This blogger deconstructs sensationalistic recent findings in human brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience, and psychopharmacology.

PsychoanalysisPsychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

  1. Dr. Roher Psychotherapy — Blog: Daniela Roher is a psychotherapist trained in Europe and the US and who has been in practice for over 30 years.
  2. Heidekolb’s Blog: Heide Kolb is a practicing Jungian analyst in New York City.
  3. International Psychoanalysis: A psychoanalytic slant on the world with support from the American Psychoanalytic Foundation.
  4. Jonathan Sibley Coaching & Psychotherapy: Jonathan Sibley is a trained coach and psychotherapist who is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.
  5. Jung At Heart: A Jungian psychotherapist with 36 years of experience focuses on relationships, work, body image, creativity,aging, and family.
  6. La Belette Rouge: Tracey is a writer and psychotherapist exploring concepts of meaning, home, family, relationships, and dreams from both sides of the couch.
  7. Listening To You: Christos Tombras came to the UK from Greece, and is a member of The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR) and the College of Psychoanalysts – UK (CP-UK).
  8. Mind Sight: “A psychoanalytic view of the psychology of daily life.”
  9. Portland Therapy: Dr. Mark Gundry works with clients who are going through important and difficult changes.
  10. Psycho Trainee: Drawings & Thoughts on psychoanalysis and the author’s experiences as a therapist and “therapee (if that is in fact a word)…”
  11. Psychotherapy Brown Bag: Psychotherapy Brown Bag posts new information around lunchtime, hoping to foster intellectual conversations about research topics in an informal setting.
  12. Shrink Central: One goal of the “Shrink Central” blog is to help readers relate to the practice of mental health as a necessary part of wellness.
  13. What’s Up with Carl Jung: Dr. Parker is a solution-oriented therapist who works in collaboration with clients.

Psychiatric NursesNurse Psychiatry

  1. A Psychiatric Nurse’s Blog: This blogger is a tutor in health and social care with a PhD in mental health studies and author of Looking Through The Windows of Madness.
  2. The Mental Health Minute: A psychiatric nurse has seen how perspectives on mental illness has changed over the past two decades.
  3. Mental Nurse: Mental Nurse is a group blog written by a variety of “Mentalists” (mental health nurses), located mostly in the UK.
  4. Nurse Ratched’s Place: A deep look into nursing and the psyche with equally deep humor tinged with sarcasm.
  5. The Mental Health Nurse Lecturer’s Tea Party: This blog is written by a team of Mental Health Nurse Lecturers based in the Faculty of Health at Birmingham City University.

Psychiatric MedicationBy and For Skeptics

  1. Before You Take That Pill: Doug Bremner MD is professor of psychiatry and radiology at Emory University School of Medicine and the Atlanta VAMC in Atlanta GA and author of Before You Take That Pill: Why the Drug Industry May Be Bad for Your Health.
  2. Denialism Blog: The Hoofnagle brothers focus on denial, its standard arguments, how to identify denialists and/or cranks, and discussion of general interest topics such as skepticism, medicine, law and science.
  3. Frontier Psychiatrist: This blog is a critique of psychiatric practice, as well as the psychologisation of society by Dr Stephen Ginn MRCPsych, who is a London-based psychiatric trainee.
  4. Psych Observer — Exposing Bad Psychiatry: Register for an account to talk about psychiatrist abuses on this popular blog.
  5. Psychiatry, It’s A Killing: A rabid anti-psychiatric blog by an anonymous blogger. Plenty of links and resources.
  6. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: This blog is not peer-reviewed, is not ACCME-accredited, and is “definitely very biased.” Dr. Carlat is a psychiatrist in private practice in Newburyport, MA, and is a “pharm-skeptic.”
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