Scholarships and Grants for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs

Are you interested in earning more money as a nurse? One of the best ways to make a higher salary is to go back to school so you can become a licensed nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners must have at least a master’s degree, and in the future, most states will require you to earn a doctorate in the field of nursing to qualify for this kind of license. Your advanced education will allow you to specialize, and one of the most popular choices for nurses who want to make more money is mental health. If you’re considering going back to school to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you might qualify for scholarships and grants to help you pay for school.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students based on merit, such as academic achievement, winning a scholarship essay contest, or displaying a certain talent. Many colleges offer scholarships directly to students, but you can also find scholarships from outside sources, such as the Army and the American Academy of Nursing. You can also find more general scholarships available for any kind of nurse or for any student regardless of degree program. At the master’s degree level, many scholarships are given as fellowships, which means that you may be required to serve as a teaching assistant or research assistant during your time in school.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Grants

Grants are given to students who display financial need, so you can qualify even if you didn’t have amazing grades as an undergrad or don’t have some kind of expert skill or talent. As an undergrad, you might have received the federal Pell Grant, but as a graduate student, this source of money will no longer be available to you. Instead, check out grants available from sources such as the American Psychiatric Nursing Foundation and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Other Sources of Money for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Students

As a nurse, you are in a unique position to take advantage of other funds available to help you pay for your education. Because of the national nursing shortage, loans are available at extremely low rates for nursing students and many employers provide tuition assistance program to help their employees earn advanced degrees. You may also qualify for the national loan forgiveness program for nurses, which will pay for your student loans if you work in high-need areas.

Top Psychiatric and Related Nurse Practitioner Degrees

Kaplan University
MSN: Administration
MSN: Education

Kaplan University -- The Kaplan University Master of Science in Nursing programs in nursing administration and nursing education provide students an advanced study of the science of nursing. Courses include Advanced Nursing Roles, Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing, and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Community.

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Liberty University
MSN: Nursing Admin

Liberty University -- Accelerate your career with the MSN - Nursing Admin degree from Liberty University. The degree allows for Registered Nurses to prepare for practice as clinical nurse specialists with concentrations in acute care. The curriculum will emphasizes clinical practice and the real world application of nursing.

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Grand Canyon University
MSN: Education
MSN: Leadership
MSN/MBA: Leadership

Grand Canyon University -- The MSN - Nurse Education, MSN - Nurse Leadership, and MSN/MBA - Leadership degree programs from Grand Canyon University are targeted at giving current nurses the tools they need to become leaders in healthier. Whether your focus is education or management, Grand Canyon has the resources to get your where you want to be.

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South University
Accelerated RN to MSN
Accel MSN: Adult Health
Accel MSN: Education

South University -- The South University MSN program prepares registered nurses for the next level of nursing. The format of the program allows nurses to pursue their education goals while continuing their job. The curriculum has been developed to develop clinical teaching skills and modern research skills. Specializations are available in adult health nursing and nursing education.

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